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Creating Headless.coma centralised learning platform for Headless CMS and Composable Architecture

At Drewl, we’ve been working with Headless CMS development for a while now. Over the years, we’ve seen an increased interest in the world of Headless architecture, with everyone from developers to marketers to business decision makers wanting a piece of the action.

But even as the hype kept growing, we felt that there was a lack of comprehensive resources on the subject. While there was lots of great Headless content around the internet, it was spread far and wide. 

During our Headless development projects, we found that our clients and their developers often had questions about implementing Headless and would ask us to recommend learning resources to them. And, since such a platform didn’t exist yet, we decided to make one ourselves. 

And so, the concept of was born. 

What is is a centralised hub for learning about Headless CMS and anything related to Headless and composable architecture. The goal with this site is to provide learning tools for anyone interested in Headless. We wanted to have one place where everyone could find everything they needed to know, whether that’s technical documentation, strategic benefits, or just an introduction to Headless overall. 

One of the problems we wanted to address was the way that switching to a Headless CMS impacts a whole company. If your developers aren’t familiar with Headless, they’ll have to learn how to build with it. Marketers will have to know what to expect from interacting with the backend and how to take advantage of the new system. Business decision makers need a clear understanding of how a Headless system can affect their strategies and workflows.

By having resources for all these different aspects of Headless, the platform will act as an all-in-one, comprehensive service. So, along with facilitating individual learning, it can be a crucial asset to companies migrating to Headless.

We’re launching with a repository of technical documentation from some frameworks and platforms we like, an ebook introducing the Headless CMS and explaining what you need to know before going Headless, and articles explaining key Headless concepts. 

We will be continually expanding on these resources as the platform grows.

Our vision for

Our goal for is to create a growing, collaborative community around Headless architecture. As well as updating the platform ourselves, we’ll be working with both agency and tech partners to create new content, bringing their unique perspectives to the site. 

As the platform grows, we hope that it will function as a central hub for sharing, discussing, and expanding on Headless ideas.

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