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WordPress design & development

We’re revitalising WordPress sites with more power and a fresh coat of paint to give you that sleek competitive edge.

Our WordPress design and development service make sites faster, more secure, and SEO optimised while providing our signature UX/UI design. 

For a results-driven solution, we work closely with clients on development, providing site analysis and strategising, then establishing clear goals and monitoring performance to ensure these goals are met.

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We use Heatmaps to assess how users interact with your site as part of our design and development strategy. This allows us to get a clear picture of how site elements are performing. Using this information, we can more accurately build out strategies for conversion pathways and optimise the overall user experience.
Monitoring analytics lets us better understand a site’s current performance and assess the efficacy of changes we’ve made. Using this data we create and fine-tune our strategy, building on a solution’s strengths as we go.
As part of our strategic approach to user experience optimisation, we plan out a detailed map of user journeys. Each step in the journey is based on user persona research and fleshed out with actions, mindset, and feelings, to give a complete picture of the stages users go through.
To boost conversion rates, we design comprehensive pathways to turn visitors into leads and leads into customers. Using our full arsenal from UX/UI design to persuasive copy, we’ll attract, nurture, and retain users all the way from the initial impression to loyalty-boosting post-purchase emails.
Our holistic approach to User Experience Design involves optimising everything from navigation and layout to aesthetics and UI Design. User journeys and conversion pathways are built into the UX Design so that sites function as a cohesive, user-focused whole.
To build a results-driven SEO strategy, we first monitor current performance, analyse existing SEO tactics, and observe competitors' approaches. We then develop a fresh approach to improve rankings, optimisation techniques, and find new SEO opportunities.
For multinational audiences and syndicated content, we’ll build location-based variations of sites as well as features to recognise and respond to users’ geographical data.
To ensure outstanding user experiences across all devices, we build mobile sites that are lightweight, performant, and adaptive to all viewports. We also build Progressive Web Apps to take mobile performance to the next level.


Headless WordPress design & development

Sometimes you need to rebuild WordPress from the ground up. That’s when you need Headless.

With Headless WordPress development, we revolutionise the way your site works, offering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and scalability. So, whether you need your whole site’s infrastructure overhauled and streamlined, your team trained, or both, we’re happy to help.

Talk to us about headless WordPress
To enhance the effectiveness of content, we analyse how well it’s working for growth, reach, engagement, and conversion. Then, we build a strategy based on your business goals, building on what’s performing well, what could perform better, and capitalising on untapped opportunities.
As part of our in-depth auditing process, we’ll evaluate how well your tech stack is working for you and how well each element integrates with the others. If necessary, we’ll consult on alternative technologies to improve synergy and performance.
With Headless CMS technology, websites are far easier to scale and upgrade, meaning you don’t have to worry about your site becoming outdated. As the front-end and back-end are separate, each element can be grown and updated separately without affecting the other, making the site essentially future-proof.
We integrate functional elements like payments and user logins with impenetrable security and our signature UX focus.
We evaluate the marketing technology you are currently using and compare it with your business goals. Where possible, we can offer alternative solutions that we think would be a better fit for your purposes.
By moving to a Headless CMS, your site’s security is significantly bolstered through what’s known as “security through separation.” Furthermore, we conduct security and vulnerability audits as well as server updates and maintenance to ensure your site is ironclad.
We take rigid measures to ensure the user-friendliness of our solutions. Through user testing, we monitor factors like useability, accessibility, functionality, and desirability, to deliver a finished product that delights the end-user.


Website design & user experience

We believe UX and UI design are the heart and soul of a successful website.

Design is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about establishing meaningful connections with your audience. Our user-centric approach builds on buyer personas to craft an experience that is functional, accessible, and keeps them coming back for more.

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We audit content from a UX perspective, analysing everything from site copy to blogs to product descriptions. As well as retaining consistent brand voicing, we ensure that content contributes to user journeys with clear calls to action and relevant information.
Based on demographic and psychographic data and analytics, we’ll establish a clear user persona and use this to build purposeful, focused user experiences.
Through wireframing, we explore how UX concepts work for both brands and users. Testing potential solutions this way lets us work more efficiently and gives you an idea of what the UX will look like so that you can provide input in the ideation stage.
Analysing your competitors allows us to find ways to make you stand in your niche. By looking at what other brands are doing, we can find opportunities they might have missed as well as assess what benchmarks need to be surpassed.
Using heatmaps and analytics, we evaluate the route users take through your sales funnel and identify which sections need to be optimised for better retention and conversion rates.
Feedback and user testing are integral to our design and development process. Prototype versions let us spot useability issues early as well as give you an idea of the direction the project is headed in before committing to a final product.
For a truly delightful user experience, we build sites that feel responsive and engaging to interact with. We create intricate and aesthetic animations that make a page feel pleasing to use without sacrificing performance.

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